Welcome to the No Nonsense Network!

Created to offer you a great service at an affordable price.

Here in Yorkshire, we do not do fuss or complicated and we wanted to develop our mobile business to reflect our life philosophy. You already have to many things to think about in your day-to-day routine so, we thought if we could create a service that is as easy as it can be to set up and run as a user, it will be one less thing for you to worry about. Basically, a mobile network that works as it should when you need it.

Part of the UK's largest & fastest network with super-fast speeds for browsing, working, gaming, downloading, showing of your latest dance moves on TikTok, sharing your latest selfieā€™s on Instagram, emailing and anything else you can think of that requires an internet connection. If you need to access the internet on a Laptop or Tablet and you find yourself in a spot with no Wi-Fi we have you covered. We offer Free and Unlimited Tethering. This mean you can enjoy all of Popit Mobile on all of your devices wherever you are. The possibilities are endless!!! You will also be able to enjoy 4G with Popit, where available. Created with the user in mind we are probably the best service around:

  • The Fastest UK Network!
  • No Credit Checks!
  • No Fixed Contracts!
  • No Speed Restrictions!
  • Flexibility when needed to talk to us!
In 2021 we hope to add 5G as soon as humanly possible too, a real game changer in mobile communication!